More information about the goals of frankenbot

As some more people are thinking of adding their parts, I received some questions on how to make parts that can be included in frankenbot.

That is why I will re-clarify the intentions of the project.

Frankenbot is meant to be a Sells Mendel consisting of parts supplied by the community, ONE of each operator/machine. The 3D-printer used must be a open/non-commercial design. The part MUST be hand-signed, other alterations are also very welcome as long as they keep the part usable. All other things you wish to add will be considered documentation for the part. As documentation everything will count, from pics, video, poems, paper-mache, everything.

Please also add some info about your machine, and your motivation to work on the reprap project.

Once you are ready to send me your part, contact me to get the adress. I am available on irc, nick ruben-ikmaak, and also on info at ikmaak dot nl

I will organise a public exhibition once the machine is finished, where the public will be asked to tell about their favorite part(s), so make sure your part stands out. The parts will be in competition for attention from the viewers, so creativity is needed.
If there are more people interested in hosting my exhibition, i will be available to cooperate on organising those too.

I will make a display for the machine, and documentation displays around it.

Also the frankenbot parts will be added to the collection of my Reprap Museum, which is already stocked with many historical reprap parts, models and more. These are also handsigned to signify the importance of the people in the reprap project.

We already have a lot of famous reprappers participating in the bot till so far. Did they become famous because of joining the frankenbot project, or the other way around? Who knows, but don’t take any chances 😛

So if you have things that you think are worthy of being in the reprap museum, contact me, and we will discuss adding it to the collection.

Become famous, join in! Thanks for all the people supporting the project already.

(I am thinking of making a number of posts detailing each part already, to create more visibility, let me know what you think about that)

Site Announced!

I have announced the site on IRC, and will be needing YOUR help. Please send me a RepRap Mendel part, and please check the page with all the parts that are already contributed. Please add a description about the lineage of the part, with as much details as you can spare. What machine did you make it on, where can we find build-info, pictures etc. Please help out, and make this a real museum-worthy machine! Thanks!

Parts needed page added

I now added a page, FrankenBot RepRapped parts that explains what parts are needed to complete the Frankenbot. If you want to help out, send me a comment, stating wich parts you want to make. I will comeback to you, to give the rest of the details to get your part added to the set 🙂

Hello world!

Frankenbot has just started, a site about the RepRap Mendel model “FrankenBot”, wich will be a living museum of lineage.

The parts of the bot will be collected from all bot owners, and built together to form another Mendel printer.

Do you want to join in, send us a mail with the part you want to send, and a explanation of how you want to handle the shipping etc.